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Falling Safely On Roller Skates

If you are a beginning roller skater, or just learning to roller skate outdoors, falls are no doubt at the front of your mind. No one wants to fall, no one wants to fall in front of other people, and no one wants to get hurt. But the reality is that falls are part of skating. Everyone, even pros, fall sometimes when they have wheels on their feet. When you are skating outdoors, those falls can be even more dangerous because the surface you are skating on is often harder than a rink floor. Learning to fall properly can save you from injury, and keep you rolling!

I have gathered a few great videos on how to fall. This might sound crazy, but one of the best things you can do when you are learning to roller skate is practice falling. If you do, you can train yourself to fall correctly when the time comes and hopefully mitigate some of the damage and get right back up. These videos will also give you tools to learn how to avoid falls, and advice on what safety gear to wear.

Our first video is from Queer Girl Straight Skates. Rebel and Shove do a great job of going over safety gear and helping you to practice falling. I did some practice falls after watching this video and it gave me a huge confidence boost to learn that it' didn’t hurt that much to go down on my knee pads. That’s what they are there for!

No tutorial round up would be complete without a video from Dirty Deb, the queen of online skate lessons. Here are two fabulous videos about how to fall, why we fall, and how to get back up and keep skating!

Nicole Fiore is better known for her more advanced tutorials, but I love her take on falling safety, so I included this video as well. She is great, be sure to watch!

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