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About us

  We are Chipp and Laura, the humans at Attack Cat Bags!

We live, work, and play in Bellingham, WA, a small town right up at the NW corner of the country. We love it here. The ocean is right outside of our door, as well as mountains, and lots of forest trails. The coffee is pretty good, too! It’s true that we get a lot of rain up here, and a lot of grey days. There aren’t beautiful, flat, sunny boardwalks to skate on like we see in all of the videos, but we make do! We skate in parking lots, parking garages, park trails, streets, and sometimes our own kitchen! We are always learning and growing, and we have found so many great friends in the skate community.

We make bags for skaters because we are skaters, and, once upon a time, we couldn’t find good bags! Laura searched high and low for the perfect fanny pack to roller skate with, and kept coming up short. Luckily, Chipp is a pretty crafty guy. He has a background in art and fabrication, including jewelry, costume making, and eva foam cosplay armor. He took to the sewing machine and made Laura the perfect bag- the very first Attack Cat Bag!

We have been upgrading, tweaking, and perfecting the designs ever since. Our bags are rolling around in every state, as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Australia, and New Zealand! Where will they go next?

We recently added The Best Roller Skate Tutorials blog as a way to bring together all of the best learn to skate videos from across the web. Laura is a super geek when it comes to learning new things, and she loves tutorials! If you are learning to roller skate, or just trying to learn some new tricks, you can find really helpful videos over there.