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About us

Picture this.

You are searching for your purpose ( not hard to picture, i’m sure!) and struggling to find it in a job. You went to stupid college and didn’t find it there either. You scroll and scroll, puzzling over all of the people who seem to have found their thing, their soul’s calling, their way of paying the bills without crushing their mind into a little cube every day. Maybe I don’t have a purpose! Ever think this to yourself? Maybe I’ll never be satisfied, maybe I'll just muck my way through life and try to be happy with what I've got. Just like my parents! 

This was Chipp and I (Laura) before we found Attack Cat Bags. We had both just lost our jobs ( thanks covid ( no, seriously)) and were home full time for the first time ever. We slept until we woke up naturally, we watched the hummingbirds on the deck, worked our way through the 90’s movies on netflix. We were human creatures for the first time ever. It felt like we had sunk back into our bodies. We knew that our place was at home. We weren’t allowed to leave, but also we never wanted to leave again. How can we stay home? We aren’t graphic designers or coaches or office people who now get to telecommute to their typing jobs. We are workers, creators, teachers, servers. How can we create the life we want with what we have?

The roller skates were an accident. I started taking a daily million mile walk, and part of that walk was along the waterfront trail here in Bellingham. I started to notice skaters more and more. They were having fun, they looked so free. Most attractive to me was the fact that they were able to do it alone, they didn’t need another person to have fun. Prime pandemic hobby. I had a little extra cash, and I started looking around at skates online. I was determined to buy a sensible pair- black!- but ended up with a pair of hot pink glitter Chayas. When they arrived, I started a journey that I could not have even imagined. One that would change my life, alter my course completely and in such a variety of ways. 

Those skates also changed Chipp’s life. I needed to keep my phone on me at all times because my cheap bluetooth speakers wouldn’t play Dua Lipa’s new album unless they were within 10 inches of source. I couldn't put it in my back pocket because I would fall on it and that thing cost like a thousand dollars, lol. A fanny pack! Accessory straight out of my childhood. We had a couple sitting around, one that I had ordered but it sat so flat to my body that I couldn't even reach into the pocket. Chipp’s was so small that my phone barely fit at all. I could have hopped on amazon and ordered one straight from China, but instead, Chipp pulled out the sewing machine, cut one of my old jackets to pieces and fashioned for me the very first Attack Cat Bag. 

The pandemic, the internet, and the explosion of outdoor roller skating are all silent partners in our business. As well, we have Chipp’s art, fabrication, and circus background to thank. Laura’s tech skills, customer service philosophy, and vision for the brand style helped launch us. It’s our dedication to quality, and uncompromising commitment to our future that grows our company every day. 

Attack Cats is for you, from us. It’s a love story, a success story on our scale, the only scale we have. Thanks for showing up for us, and allowing us to show up for you. 

Get in touch anytime. 

Laura and Chipp. 

Style icons since day one.