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Fanny Packs? Bum Bags? Hip Bags? What do you call these things?

When Chipp and I took the deep dive into full time bagging, we knew fanny packs were going to be our thing. We love them, all of our skate friends love them. Moms and kids love them, hipsters love them, everyone loves them. They are the fashion accessory most searched for on etsy ( according to me). One of the most fun parts about making the bags and starting conversations with people from all over the world about them is that we have gotten to learn a buuuunch of different names. Here is a run down, I will add more as I come across them. 

Do you know of one I missed? LMK!! You can comment here or message me on Instagram @attackcatbags. 

picture of three sized of Fanny Pack

Top names we hear and use:

Fanny Pack- Of course! The OG name, the one we hear the most. I also hear a lot- from old men mostly- that we shouldn't call them that because in some parts fanny means "something else" or is a "dirty word". But we already know that, and the word they are referring to is vagina, which I don't think is a dirty word at all! Vagina, Vagina, Vagina! VAGINA! Aren't they surprised by my response! True story, though, in the UK and Australia, fanny is another word for vagina. Now you know!

Bum Bag- I really like this one, but there is a big skate bag company that is literally called Bum Bag co, so we don't use it a lot. It's kinda Brittish, kinda hip. 

Hip Bag- This is our second most used term, one of our sizes is called hip bag, to differentiate it from the smaller Fanny Pack. Hip bag is a term used by people who don't want to say Fanny Pack- teenagers, cool people, and men, mostly. 

Sling Bag- This can mean so many things, we use it to distinguish bag sizes again, this is our largest sized bag. I hear people refer to all types of belt bags as sling bags, though, it's more about how they wear them. If they don't like them around the waist and prefer to wear them across the chest or over the shoulder- sling bag! 

Other randos:

Tummy pack, belly bag, moon bag, belt bag, waist bag, butt pack, sling bag. 

People stress a lot over what to call them, but don't even worry! Just call it what you like. Growing up we called them fanny packs, but the other day my mom referred to hers as a tummy bag which cracked me up! Tummy bag?! 

Anyway, whatever you call them, they are all the rage. We make our bags in our small studio in Bellingham, WA. That's right- Not Made in China! Check them out in our shop Attack Cat Bags!

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