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How to Stop on Roller Skates!! For Beginners

When I started learning to skating outside, stopping was the first thing on my mind. When you are skating at the rink, stopping isn’t something you have to learn, you can just skate over to the wall or barrier and stop yourself- you don’t even have to slow down! Outside is a different story. There are usually no walls to help you stop, and grabbing onto light poles can throw you off balance and really make you feel uncool. If you are a beginning roller skater who is heading outside with your skates, you need to have a few stopping tools under your belt for safety and style. These tutorials will give you skills, confidence, and some great things to practice when you are out skating.

This first video comes from Dirty Deb, it was the first tutorial I watched on stopping. I had just come home from my maiden voyage on my new skates and I was terrified and feeling pretty low confidence. I had been trying to use my toe stops in all the wrong ways. Watch Dirty Deb give the low down on stopping for beginners in her signature no nonsense style, you won’t regret it!

This next video comes from Estro Jen at Moxi. She has a lot of good tips and a slightly different take on stopping. Plus, her skate style is really on point. Those pants! I want them! Anyone else?

I hope you have gotten a few things to practice next time you are out skating. Don’t forget your protective gear and, of course, your fanny pack!

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