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How to use a roller skate leash

How to use your roller skate leash

Got yourself a pair of skates that need carrying? The rollerskate leash is a great solution. Bags designed to fit skates can be bulky and uncool, not to mention the fact that they hide those lovely skates away! You didn't work so hard on seeking out all of the best accessories to create your perfect skate vibe only to zip them inside of a bag! 

If you have seen people around with their skates flung over their shoulder, you can be sure that what they are using to carry them is a skate leash.

How to use a roller skate leash:

Roller skate leashes are pieces of belt or strapping with metal D rings or sewn loops on each end. The loops are designed to widen to fit around the wheels of your skate and then cinch tight when you pick them up. It's a quick, secure, and hip way to carry your skates to the park, the rink, or the boardwalk. 

Attack Cat Bags has a huge variety of colored skate leashes for sale for only $10! Our products are high quality, crafted in the USA in our studio in Bellingham, WA. 

Already got your fab leash and want to know how they work? Check out the video below where Laura shows you the super fast and easy way to use a skate leash to tote your roller skates around:


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