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How to wear a fanny pack: around the waist vs. cross body

How to wear your new fanny pack? Around your waist? Across your chest? Slung over your shoulder like a purse? I can tell you that there is no wrong way to wear your fanny pack, and that I wear mine in all of the ways. Different ways have their different purposes, though, and I am here to give you some examples so you can decide what’s best for you! 

The classic- around your waist fanny pack wear. 

The main reason why people seek out fanny packs, bum bags, hip bags, waist bags, whatever you call them!, is the hands free aspect. You strap it around your waist, and you are good to go. This is super handy for sports, bike riding, hiking, skating and roller skating, as well as for child wrangling, cruising festivals or anywhere you may need all hands on deck to deal with other things. Around the waist is great for bathroom trips- no putting your purse down on the dirty floor, it stays securely around your body. It’s also fab for driving, there is nothing I like better than getting in my car with my fanny pack on and then hopping out with it still on. So easy! I never forget things because I can fill my hip bag when I am thinking about it, and then just strap it to my body. Whenever I head out the door, my stuff comes with me. 

If it’s cold outside, your waist bag can fit great under your coat, even providing an extra layer of security. Lots of people get a super slim fanny pack to wear under clothes when traveling, to keep the extra important stuff like passports, tickets, and money safe from pickpockets or loss. 

Your fanny pack can be a great accessory as well. Get a belt bag that matches your outfit, or that is a solid neutral, and it can blend right in. Grab one that is more of a statement piece and it can add flair in the same way jewelry can. There are lots of outfits that will benefit from not having the purse strap across your chest, in those cases, a fanny pack strapped around your waist may be the perfect option. 

Across your chest- the sling bag wear. 

In other cases, around your waist just isn’t the way to go. Some dresses that have waists that fall somewhere other than your waist can make an odd pair for a belt bag. You may not feel like you want the extra bulk down there at the moment, or maybe you are heading somewhere where you will be sitting in tight quarters. All of these cases make fabulous times to sling that baby across your chest. 

Men often feel more comfortable wearing their bag as a sling. Don’t get me wrong, I see plenty of men rocking the fanny pack around their waist, but we see men slinging their bags a lot. 

If I am choosing to carry a larger fanny pack, in order to fit enough goodies for the day’s adventures, I will generally sling it instead of strapping it around my waist. In that way, it takes on some characteristics of a backpack, and I am really used to the feeling of carrying weight on my back. 

Over the shoulder, purse style.

There is no denying that sometimes, the bag is only on you temporarily. As a fanny pack maker, collector, and connoisseur, I carry one even in situations where a traditional purse might make more sense. You will find, however, that your fanny pack is a purse if you just toss it over your shoulder instead of strapping it to your body. When I am getting dressed up, or going somewhere where I am going to be hanging my coat and bag on a rack or hook, I can don my fanny pack temporarily just like a purse, then get rid of it once I am there. In this fashion, you lose some of the security and convenience of always having your precious items strapped to you, but you must do what the outfit requires, am I right? I get so used to having my bag around my waist that I will feel kind of naked without it, and I am always regretting leaving my phone so far away from me! You know whatever fancy outfit I picked out doesn’t have pockets, right?! These are the sacrifices we make! 

How do you like to wear your fanny pack? Hung on your stroller handle? Strapped around your dog? There are endless possibilities. If you thought of a way that I haven’t mentioned here, let me know in the comments! I am always looking for new fanny pack intel.

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