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Memento Mori Keychains and Charms

Have you been wondering what the term Memento Mori Means? If you have been seeing art this time of year that features that phrase and it’s got you confused, you are not alone! 

Memento Mori translates directly to “Remember that you must die.” It is used in art to remind us that life is short. Many cultures throughout history have used this idea to keep in mind the sweetness of life, and help people make the most of it. 

Memento Mori appears in historical records dating back to antiquity. It is said that slaves in Ancient Rome used to whisper the phrase to each other to remind themselves that their commanders and captors would one day die, to keep their spirits up. Christianity used it as a moral compass of sorts, reminding their followers that this earthly life is but a precursor to heaven, and that when they die, they will be judged. 

The idea that death gives life its meaning is something that comes up often in Buddhist teachings. It is taught that you should remember death, and think of it often, in order to feel the full sweetness of life. In the same way that we would not know the fullness of pleasure without pain, we are unable to appreciate the greatness of our lives without remembering that they are short and will one day be over. All we have is the present moment, and that is what Memento Mori strives to teach us. 

When I came across a collection of Memento Mori coins and keychains from The Shire Post Mint, I could see right away that they were special. They include a second message on the flip side: Memento Vivre, or “Remember to live.” By including this mantra, the coins can help us to remember that life is short, while also encouraging us to live the life we do have to the fullest. These beautiful coins are hand stamped at a small family forge in Alabama using traditional techniques. Each one contains 30 grams, or ½ oz of pure bullion grade copper. They come with a ring attached so you can hang them on your fanny pack, back pack, keys, or anywhere you need a reminder to live your life to the fullest!

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